JF Helix 400 and 600 fertilizer and seed spreaders are cost-effective solutions for fertilizers, seeds and limestone with a range from 9 to 16 meters.

It has a low power consumption and the loading capacity reduces the soil compaction. It also works perfectly in small plots where there is a need of spreading in the edges.

In two models, with capacity for 400 and 600 liters, JF Helix is lightweight and highly efficient in the uniform broadcasting of granular fertilizer, lime, seed or dry ground livestock manure.



Single disc fertilizer and seed spreading equipment, with capacity of 400 and 600 liters, powered by tractor PTO, frame made of steel, hopper buit in polyethylene, featuring rotor disc with four paddles with range from 9 to 16 meters, shaker with cone, special shaker for limestone, dosage control, doser disc adjustable by lever, driven by PTO shaft, required power at PTO of 30hp for 400L capacity and 50hp for 600L capacity.



• The rotor disc is provided with four paddles with special design resulting in a homogeneous fan shaped broadcast, covering a range from 9 to 16 meters;

• Distribution to the edges;

• Special kit with shaker for limestone providing a constant flow for the spreading action;

• Adjustable dosing for fertilizers through lever position. This makes easy to control the quantity of fertilizer for each need.

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