Provision of Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) supported by Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau. In an attempt to control infection, we help HIV patients to better manage virus spread through the use of multiple anti-retroviral drugs that act on different viral targets.

Primary Health care. This refers to “essential health care” that is based on scientifically sound and socially acceptable methods and technology. Among others, we engage in activities such as Immunization, Deliveries, Antenatal Care and general treatment.

TB Assessment. The management of patients with TB should be led by a designated manager. Good quality management starts with the timely and accurate registration of TB cases, and includes delivering appropriate treatment using standardized regimens of TB treatments as well as providing support for patients. Good quality management also ensures that patients who miss one or more doses of treatment are quickly followed up, and that contacts (see TB contact investigation), especially children, and others belonging to high-risk groups (see TB case-finding in high-risk groups) are investigated or assessed to determine whether they have active TB.

Environmental Protection

Part of our objectives is to conserve natural resources and the existing natural environment and, where possible, to repair damage and reverse trends. 

Human Rights Promotion

To contribute to the protection and promotion of human rights through both immediate and long-term action; To empower the population to assert and claim their human rights; To enable State and other national institutions to implement their human rights obligations and uphold the rule of law.