Parking and Storage Line

Parking and Storage Line

Continuing its innovation and expansion on the storage equipment line, JF presents the new bagger JF Silo Master with Cracker for moist Grain.

The cracker system on the top of the bagger cracks the kernels for an improved feed conversion by the animals. This system provides less waste on storage (up to 2% in the bag if compared to 20% of the conventional system) and density is adjustable through a high quality braking system.

JF Silo Master Cracker rollers have pressure adjustment that assures complete cracking of kernels for total digesting of starch and nutrients by the animals. Besides that, the rounded design of grain outlet avoid bag tearing.



Bag storage equipment for moist grain with 6ft diameter, powered by tractor PTO, featuring cracker system, hydraulic disc brake system, cardan drive, additional cardan shaft specific for cracker system (grain processor), external lever for pressuring control and cracker system adjustment, transmission by crown and pinion, transporting auger, rounded bag outlet, hopper, hydraulic pump, manometer, jack, wheels 215 80 x 16, equipment ready for coupling Feeding Conveyor Belt kit in order to change the equipment from Moist Grain Bagger to Forage Bagger by replacing the Cracker System, 540 RPM Required revolution at PTO and required power at PTO of 60 hp.



• Complete cracking of kernels for total digesting of nutrients;

• Advanced disc brake system for better packing of grains and more uniform filling of bag;

• Grain outlet design avoids bag tearing;

• Cracker rollers with pressure adjusment;

• Easy bag filling;

• Up to 10 times less losses than other storage systems;

• Robust transmission;

• Option to change the Grain Bagger Cracker (for moist grain) to Forage Bagger with Conveyor Belt.

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