Forage Wagons

Forage Wagons

JF 9000 S2 Forage Wagon, now with stainless steel side walls was developed to support the hard work that the field demands in harvesting and for both discharge in the silo and feed distribution direct in the trough.

Designed to meet the farmer needs and overcome the working challenges in the farm, it features some items that really make difference in the forage handling activities.

The highlights are the tandem system with four wheels working independently on both sides and the back and side discharge systems through the simple change of pins in the transmission And the stainless steel side walls for greater durability, besides the rear door with full opening to the sides. All of that sums up in better performance and versatility.

Featuring durable and rust resistant wood floor with conveyor system, it has also safety pins for  protection of transmission in the case of an overload. Another great JF 9000 advantage is the optional HydraFeeder with hydraulic control, which adds concentrate ration and other nutritional additives to the forage, with a precise control of dosing flow.



Forage wagon for transporting and livestock feeding, with capacity of 9m³, powered by tractor PTO, with stainless steel side walls featuring steel conveyor bars driven by chains built in special steel and removable floor built in naval wood, rolling fingers, back door with full opening, detachable header ,articulated jack, HydraFeeder with hydraulic control (optional), transmission with full sealing, PTO shaft transmission, reversible discharge system, discharge height adjustment, driving system of rolling fingers for loosening material, side discharge auger, auger for wilted forage (optional), safety system with safety pins  for transmission protection, tamdem wheel system, wheels and agricultural tires 10,5 x 65 x 16, required revolution at PTO of 540 RPM and required power at PTO starting from 55 hp.



• High technology included in a trailer, making the forage handling in the farm more practical and quicker;

• New stainless steel side walls which increases corrosion and wear resistance;

• Tandem system on wheels for absorbing terrain irregularities and for less stress on wagon frame;

• Reversible discharge mechanism allows to change from side discharge to rear discharge fast and easily with full opening back door;

• Special reinforced chain, built in special steel with higher durability and perfect coupling between chains and sprocket wheel;

• Removable floor built in naval wood assuring higher floor durability with simpler maintenance, lower cost and less friction with chains, extending the life spam of conveyor bars;

• HydraFeeder (Optional) with hydraulic dosing control without leaving the tractor, adding homogeneously nutritional additives to the forage.

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